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They say home is where the heart is.

Despite being born in the Palmetto State, I am, and always will be, a Maryland girl at heart. A crab feast beats an oyster roast any day; Ocean City waves trump Sullivan’s ripples, Berger cookies over Benne Seed Wafers, Terps over Tigers.

Despite these Maryland superiorities, I have made the picturesque Charleston my home, and I am lucky to do so.

 That doesn’t mean I don’t miss my Maryland, and D.C. sometimes.

 I miss being close to my immediate family, having my brother over for dinner once a week, going home to Annapolis almost every Sunday.

I recently started watching Homeland, and suffice to say, it made me nostalgic for home. I relish the seeing familiar sites of our nation’s capital that was my stomping ground.

 A flash of Rock Bottom brewery and I can practically taste the pretzel/spinach dip combo that was a staple of Friday girls’ happy hour.

 The stunning view of the Capitol and I am transported back to running laps there after work and before my nighttime grad school class.

 I miss home (as I still call it), yet when I was there, I longed for Charleston.

 Over the winter I went home to Annapolis and to Bethesda to show my condo to potential tenants, a condo that I lived in for 5 years and loved, yet haven’t been near since I moved over 2 years ago.

 Opening the door to the condo was a bit surreal, while it held wonderful memories, it also held trying times. The empty halls echoed with the sounds of a different life.

 But it didn’t make me as upset as I thought it would, and for that, I was relieved.

 I try to picture myself riding the Metro to work, going out in Dupont Circle, sunning out at the Parkside pool.

 I just can’t see it anymore.

 While watching the inauguration on T.V. in a different state was a novelty, I realized that I am exactly where I belong.

 That I have made Charleston my home.

 I’ve traded the Metro for a 5-minute commute on my beach cruiser. (Which I am also known to ride around in heels.), the bay for the beach, Down Dog Yoga for Charleston Power Yoga, black pants for seersucker pants, a 2-bedroom condo for my tiny King Street apartment, Georgetown Cupcake for Sugar cupcakes.

 Though I miss the bustle, the intellect, the politics of D.C. metropolitan area, the abundance of food trucks, I don’t miss the intensity.

 I’m intense enough as it is, and I find that the laid-back lifestyle of Charleston suits me.

 If home is where the heart is, then my heart is in two places.

I’m OK with that, as I have always kinda been all over the place, anyway.




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