Katie Strumpf
"Helping kids with cancer.......a cancer survivor's story"  

I Never Signed Up For This!:

An Upfront Guide to Dealing with Cancer at a Young Age

A must-read for any child/young adult diagnosed with cancer, a childhood cancer survivor, or the family and friends of someone battling cancer. Written by a childhood cancer survivor, the book lives up to its title, with its refreshingly candid approach to battling cancer at a young age. The author details her own diagnosis with cancer, and how every aspect of her life was altered as a result of the disease. I Never Signed Up for This! delivers much-needed information for young cancer patients, everything from returning to school, to dealing with parents and doctors, to losing you hair as a result of chemotherapy. This book delves into delicate topics such as the fear of death, to the difficulty of accepting cancer at such a young age. Strumpf’s upbeat attitude and passion for life shines through her writing, and serves as an inspiration for children and young adults battling cancer.

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