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Pink Nausea

I was annoyed with Komen long before they shot themselves in their (pink-encased) foot last week. 

Not to mention disgusted by their blatant disregard for cancer-preventative measures. 

I was annoyed with Komen because of their pink explosion.

From a branding standpoint, they did an incredible job of putting their signature pink ribbon on just about anything. 

Yet, I found myself intentionally not buying yogurt with the pink ribbon on the lid. Even if it did have one of my favorite flavors.

Don't get me wrong, I fully support breast cancer research and funding. My mom is a breast cancer survivor, Adam lost his mom to breast cancer, and Adam's aunt is a breast cancer survivor. 

But when did Komen stop being about breast cancer funding and more about trendy pink ribbons on granola bars and tight tank tops?

Part of my frustration lies in the fact that there are countless other cancers that don't get the attention of breast cancer, because their ribbons aren't pretty in pink and because let's face it, breasts are sexy, and sexy sells.

Something like brain cancer, with it's drab gray awareness ribbon, is not so sexy.

But last time I checked, everyone has a brain. Perhaps that should be the tagline for the National Brain Tumor Association.

I think it is high time that the countless other cancers, brain, skin, prostate, ovarian, etc get the attention and funding they deserve.

Not because their respective ribbons look cute as cookies, but because cancer is a real, present, and deadly killer of countless lives.

Which is why it is so important to be participate in "Adam's Army" as part of the 5K Race for Hope in to raise money for brain tumor research. In my gray tank top with Adam's quote:

"It is enough for me to know that I did indeed make that positive impact"

I will now step off my soapbox.

It's gray, in case you were wondering.adamsarmy.jpg





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