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Skimming on Skim

The first time it happened I was puzzled.

It happened again.

And again.

And again.

I had finally gotten used to it, and knew just to ask.

"Can I have the skim milk?"

The first time it happened I was in a Starbucks, so I assumed they were refilling the carafe of skim milk. When I asked the barista for the skim milk, she seemed surprised. "Oh! No one ever asks for skim."

I was shocked.

Where I come from, skim milk in coffee shops is a given, as typically finding the carafe empty, or at least low. Because like all the other young professional females like myself, I want to keep my coffee as low-calorie as possible. (I would rather eat more.) Plus, I am mildly lactose intolerant, so skinny skim it is.

So you can understand my surprise, and why I was puzzled.

Do Charlestonians like their milk fattier than Washingtonians?

It would appear so.

Just ask the Coburg cow in West Ashley...






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