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New Digs

I knew it was the one immediately upon walking in. It felt right; comfortable and familiar, like slipping on my favorite flip flops. (Which at the moment are my gold Havianas which I stole got from my mom.)

 It was the apartment, the one I have been waiting for.  It was cozy, quaint, and the perfect size for me. I fell more in love walking through it. I could picture my furniture and stuff there, and really making a home there.

I had to have it.
I just recently started my apartment search, but it has been quite entertaining.

The highlights:
An apartment with a huge gap between the staircase and the living room, just in case I felt skipping the last few stairs and just falling to the right.  That same place had no closet. Not a small closet. NO CLOSET. Anyone who has seen my wardrobe knows that closet space is a necessity, and the bigger, the better. Hence my custom made walk-in closet in Bethesda. Plus the overflow of clothes in the guest bedroom closet.  But never mind that.

A studio that was much smaller than described and the current tenant not knowing we were coming over, and being surprised. He was standing there in his underwear, cooking something on the stove.
Is that even safe?

So my expectations were set low when I found The One. It is right downtown, only a few blocks from my office, and exactly what I wanted.

Then the current tenant told me that a girl had just left who was interested, and was going to contact the leasing office.

Not if I beat her to it.

I had the email sent before I stepped on to the street, and sent the deposit and signed the lease 1 hour later. Coincidentally, the owner is in Maryland.

I felt a bit bad for the other girl, but not that bad.

Besides, it was meant to be mine.

I had already mentally moved in my furniture, after all.



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