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Feels like Home to Me

I knew this day was coming, but can't believe how fast it got here.

It is with a mix of excitement and nervousness that I venture back to the place I drove away from in January, back to the place where memories and reminders of Adam greet me at every corner. 


Is it still home if the person you were building your life with isn't there anymore? 

Adam and I lived in Bethesda, and were planning to move to my hometown, Annapolis, in the near future. We had even picked out our dream house. 

I left Bethesda because the life as I knew it, the life I was building, was gone. Driving by NIH where Adam had his last fateful MRI, riding the metro without Adam, not being able to go to U Street because that is where Adam lived when we first started dating and the memories, while wonderful, are too much to bear. I couldn't walk into our condo without expecting Adam to be sitting on the couch and see his face light up. 

I left that area because I felt that I had to start fresh, and rebuild my life somewhere else.  

And now I am returning to the place that I love and fear. 

I have all my meals planned (love Lowcountry cuisine, but miss ethnic food.), visits with friends, and know that Adam's Army 5K race for brain tumor research is going be a memorable day.

But I can't plan how I am going to feel.

As Tom Petty sang, I guess I'll know when I get there. 



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