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95 North

I saw the sign and felt a lump in my throat.


95North represents home, and the road I would take to get there. I could easily turn onto it, merge into traffic, and head home.

And give up. 

It was tempting. I was tempted to head home, and pull the covers over my head. Well, real home, the house I grew up in, as my condo is rented out. 

I could pull the covers over my head, and only come out to eat my mom's cookies. And crabcakes. And chicken pot pie. And special Greek salad. And chocolate cake.

I could also pull off the covers to go out to eat with my dad.

So far my plan for giving up and going home only involved food and being a glutton and slovenly.

Which I know neither one of my parents would tolerate, and thank goodness for that.

Even just thinking about it makes me disgusted with myself, and thank goodness for that.

That meant I was not ready to give up.

Plus, as much as I want him to be, Adam is not waiting just up 95North.

I thought about the beach, grits, the sunsets, King Street, Poe's, my new friends, boiled peanuts, Charleston Power Yoga, Oku sushi, the smell of the marsh, Social Wine Bar, my part-time job, Butterfly, biscuits, and riding my bike on the beach. 

I am not where I thought I would be, but I am getting there. Slowly but surely.

Plus, I couldn't get on 95North.

I was headed to Charlotte to get manis and pedis with Cheryl. 

Priorities, people. 


I recently started writing for CHARLIE, a local magazine, and below is my article!




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