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One is Silver, and the other is Gold.

I eagerly awaited their arrival, and had been excited about it for weeks. They trickled in throughout Friday evening, the last three arriving around 9:30 p.m.






There is something so comforting about long-time friends visiting when you live in a new place, even if that new place is the beach. They were ready for a weekend of sun, Southern food, and I was ready for the casual and easy conversation, shared memories, and banter that old friends bring.

These are the friends that know my stories, know where I have been. They have seen me make a fool of myself in college. One I have known since we first wore leggings in the 80's, and are still in each others lives now in the resurrection of leggings.  

All of them were there when Adam walked into my life (and I mean literally there, at the BBQ where I met him.)

Two of them encouraged me to talk to him more because they saw a connection between us. Thank goodness I listened to them. 

They were there through Adam's illness and treatment, providing words of support, Middle Eastern food, care packages, chocolate. These are the friends that showed up at the hospital when I told them they didn't need to come, who drove from states away to be with us in Adam's final days, who hung out on our king size bed with Adam and I, and had the compassion and courage to treat it like any another time we had all hung out.

All of them were there when Adam left this life. 

It is comforting to tell stories of Adam to them, (although I am sure I tell too many) because they have their own, too. They shared those stories at his memorial, and continue to. Although Adam is no longer alive, it helps to keep his memory alive.

These are the friends that surprised me with a chocolate ganache cake as a pre-birthday celebration.

It didn't matter what we ate (although it was plenty, and delicious), where we went (beach, downtown, Fort Moultrie, Poe's, the Battery) or what we did (acted like fools, made fun of each other, jumped in a freezing cold pool on a dare). 


What matters is that these are the friends that remind me where I come from, and help me to get where I need to go. 

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