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Yoga Mat

I love my yoga mat, and as many know, love hot yoga. My lemon yellow yoga mat has been through a lot with me. It commuted almost daily on the D.C. metro system with me, neatly compact among the commuters with their Express newspapers. My yoga mat has stayed in hospitals in the Mid-Atlantic, and added a dash of brightness to drab hospital rooms. It supported me in countless studios and held me up through some hard times. That $12.99 Gaiam mat from Target is a fixture in my life, through chaos, sadness, and change. 

But lately I have been noticing that it hasn't been looking that lemony yellow. 

Well, the corners of it do, but the main part of the mat where I stand has a gray tinge. Which is basically the whole mat, since the classes require a lot of moving. It drove me crazy, because I am a neat freak, and I didn't want to be "the girl with the dirty mat". I know yogis are supposed to be non-judgmental and serene, but come on. I do yoga, so let's be honest about the evolving characteristics of a yogi. I digress, as usual. I keep a towel on top of my mat (not because I am paranoid about the gray tinge, but so I don't slip!), but cringed each time it came off, and I saw the gray. 

So, I scrubbed, and scrubbed, and washed it in the washing machine (which you should do, anyway), and dried it in the sun. THE GRAY WOULD NOT GO AWAY. 

Then I had an epiphany. Perhaps some Yogi Master shone wisdow down on me, or I just got tired of scrubbing. Either way, I came to the conclusion that maybe it wasn't dirt, but rather an imprint of where I have been, and what I have been through. So I stopped scrubbing, and accepted the mat, and what it represents. I thought smugly, "I am a true yogi, accepting and letting my mat just be". Namaste!

Or perhaps I am just the girl with the dirty mat.


My yoga mat in its prime.

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