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Johnny Angel

I have been avoiding him since I got here. I see him almost daily, and I look away, not wanting to succumb. But I know he is there, and he beckons me. He knows I will give in at some point. 

Today would be that day. 

He goes by Johnny, Johnny's Hot Dogs. 


Don't get me wrong, his hot dogs are delicious, with unlimited toppings, which is a quick way to win over my heart. But it isn't his hot dogs that I simultaneously love and fear.

It's his biscuits. 

I woke up and knew today would be the day, it is dreary, cold, and I have waited long enough. It was worth the wait, I knew, as I ate my egg and cheese biscuit dipped in Heinz ketchup. I couldn't wait to drive home and eat, it so I sat at the small counter in the cold and enjoyed every bite. For those who know me well, it will come as no surprise that I couldn't drive home with my beloved biscuit, as I have been known to put Chipotle burritos in the trunk of my car, because the smell is too tantalizing for the drive home, however short. (It is a really short drive today, too, but it is better to know your limits.) 

I washed it down with sweet tea, and needless to say, there was no Splenda involved.






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