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Don't Ask, I'll Tell

It is the question I have come dread, and I know countless others dread as well. 

"Have you found a job yet?" 

I know people mean well, and I am lucky that others care enough to ask. I know that is comes from a good place, and I it is a logical question as a I job search. Adam expressed his frustration over this question when he was job-searching, and he was much more patient than me. So, that makes me a feel a bit better. 

But it doesn't make me dread the question any less.


I worry constantly about finding a full-time job, and establishing a life in Charleston. I have luckily made some good friends, am discovering where to find the best sushi, vintage clothes, tacos, local newspapers, margaritas. (For the record they are: Oku-Sushi, Butterfly (the downtown location, not Mt. Pleasant), Taco Boy, Skirt, and Taco Boy again.) If any would like to enlighten me as to better selections, feel free to invite me, as I have the time, but not the finances! 

I digress.

I know job searching is hard, particularly with the current unemployment rates.   I just keep circulating my resume, trying to build contacts, go to networking events, and applying to jobs. Because applying to jobs is my full-time job. 

So to quote my book, I keep on, keeping on. 

I will tell you that I have secured a part-time position doing PR/marketing for a local chef, Iverson Brownell. It is fun, interesting, delicious, and because I am busier, makes me more efficient in my search for a full-time position. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go back to job searching.


Because at the end of the day, that is my full-time job. 

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