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A bronzed view

My face is tan. In February. This gives me an infinite amount of joy, and likely an infinite amount of wrinkles later in life. But back to now, and the joy of the tan face. The tan didn't come from Mystic Tan, or bronzer, or a bottle of Neutrogena sunless tanner (the best of the bunch, in my opinion.)

It came from the sun, which has been shining strong for days. Don't worry, I haven't been lolling about in the sun all day, or gallivanting on the beach. I have been sitting outside AND applying to jobs, and doing work for my part-time position. I would hire me for a job, as my multi-tasking skills are superb! 

Adam used to worry about my sun obsession, and his concern was likely justified. I can spend hours in the sun, it is one of the few times I am able to hold still. (So I have an even tan, of course!) He once asked me if he ever made me feel like I "needed" to be tan for him, and I assured him it had nothing to do with him. I told him that this was only vice, so I figured I might as well go full throttle. He only slightly raised his eyebrows and smiled indulgently at my declaration of my "only vice", and kindly did not mention the others, all of which he was full aware. Chocolate. Trashy T.V. Trashy magazines. Cake. Gossiping. Cookies. I did remind him that he fell in love with me when I was at my tannest (post-Hawaii), and that one of his favorite t-shirts of mine said "Hawaiian tan in a can". I explained to him that because I can't drink milk, it is important for me to get as much Vitamin D as possible in the summer. He may have been an attorney, but he knew what discussions were worth pursuing, especially with me. 

My love affair with a golden glow was cultivated at a young age during summers at the community pool, where I would stay all day long. I love to swim, too, so I am not just a sun worshiper. Although, I did discover that you get an even better tan underwater. This love affair continued on through my days as a lifeguard in high school and college, when I used to tell my supervisors that I had a wedding to go to (every summer) so I could wear my top bandeau style as to avoid those dreaded thick tan lines. (Note to future potential employers: I no longer lie about such trivial matters, as I have matured greatly.) 

For the record, I do wear sunscreen. At least on my face.


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